MGine mod for Logitech DFS

Mod a Logitech Driving Force Shifter to work with any Windows PC, as an "H" or Sequential Gear Shifter, or as a progressive Hand Brake.

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Primarily, the MGine mod for Logitech DFS completely subtitutes the internal electronics of the Logitech shifter with new ones, based on the Pololu A-Star 32U4 Micro (a relative of the Arduino Leonardo). An Arduino IDE program with custom libraries is used to control these new electronics and to send joystick controller messages to the racing games, through a normal USB port.

The MGine mod for Logitech DFS makes the Logitech DFS shifter work directly with the Windows PCs, without the use of a Logitech wheel. Also, it makes the Logitech DFS usable as a sequential gear shifter or as a progressive hand brake, too, through very simple selections made by pressing push buttons.

But the MGine mod is also usable for any custom made "H" gear shifter that uses 2 potentiometers to read the movement of the gear shifter lever.

Furthermore, the MGine mod offers the possibility to connect to the PC any sequential gear shifter that uses two microswitches for the up/down gear command

full documentation on how to build the MGine mod for Logitech DFS

Zip Archive - 16.04 MB - 07/25/2016 at 07:40


the custom libraries needed for the "MGine_for_Logitech_DFS_v0904_en.ino" Arduino sketch

Zip Archive - 6.31 kB - 07/25/2016 at 07:39


the Arduino sketches needed for the MGine mod for Logitech DFS

Zip Archive - 7.47 kB - 07/25/2016 at 07:39


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Roman Stepanov wrote 09/05/2016 at 10:51 point

Lol, I did pretty much the same thing with Logitech G27 shifter using STM32:

I wonder if it will work with DFS too...

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