Part 1: Planning and Design

A project log for Automated Bartender

An Arduino/Raspberry Pi powered bartender that mixes drinks for you.

Hacker HouseHacker House 07/16/2016 at 17:160 Comments

Here's an update for the 1st part of the project:

We've built an Arduino + Raspberry Pi powered robotic bartender before, but it mixed drinks too slow to be practical. We want to build a new version which is faster, more accurate, and can mix more than one drink at a time. In this series, we plan to show you how to build all the components so that you can make your own. Here's a video of the old one:

In this video, we discuss some features on the old bartender and whiteboard a new design. Our new design will be circular so that it can mix drinks concurrently. The design will also allow the platform to spin faster. Here's a quick whiteboard drawing of what we were thinking.