Part 2: Platform and Modeling

A project log for Automated Bartender

An Arduino/Raspberry Pi powered bartender that mixes drinks for you.

Hacker HouseHacker House 07/16/2016 at 17:360 Comments

Here's the 2nd video for our robotic bartender project.

In this part we deconstructed the old bartender to reuse some parts for our new project. We also spent some time building the rotating platform. This will be used to move the drink glasses whilst the barbot is operating.

We also built a 'CAD' model to visualize, manipulate, and verify our design. We decided that the actuators will be positioned on the main center post. The dispenser levers will be inverted so that our actuator arm will have a track to slide in. In order to verify that this will work, we built a test stand and used a power supply to actuate the arm.