Update v6: Now has stack -> call and return

A project log for Another microcontroller built in Logisim

A small 8 Bit microcontroller built with Logisim, needs 6 ticks per instruction

schuhumischuhumi 05/28/2014 at 19:170 Comments

Here's version 6! It offers:

 - 256 byte Stack

 - use "_call" and "_return" for super easy function handling

 - improved assembler which makes ramdom jumping in the program a pleasure. No matter where your "label:" and "setPC" (or "_call") in the code are - it will figure out the correct addresses

 - added I/O: tty-display and keyboard

But with the update there comes one drawback: I had to increase the ticks per instruction to 6 since I got in trouble with race conditions leading to random results. But it is still quite good though if you think of what it can do in one instruction cycle..

The download includes 7 example programs, which demonstrate the new capabilities too