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How do systems emerge from simple constituents and survive or morph into newly organized states? This is the central question of complex systems theory and the key to understanding the evolution of the universe from simple components to human beings. Although complexity theory has its fingers in the major scientific disciplines, economics, politics, and philosophy, it is still a new science at the edge of public awareness. Given its potential as a tool for demystifying what is important in the universe, complexity theory should occupy a place front and center as a field of research. For this purpose, offers a gateway to complexity theory and gives access to a plethora of resources free of charge and open to all. encourages networking, dialog, and collaboration. It's ad-free and will depend on donations. The site is now live, so please visit and follow!

For those new to the topic of complex systems, there exist several overlapping fields that address the fundamental questions of how systems, through relationships between their parts, give rise to collective and often adaptive behaviors. (Check out the systems map for an overview). Keep in mind that systems range from star systems with orbiting planets to machines that we build with rigidly connected parts to stock markets comprised of freely-acting agents. Also, systems vary greatly in adaptability to environmental changes or to internal perturbations. Questions that interest researches are whether a given system can survive major changes, or will it fail catastrophically? Perhaps the central question in the field of complex system theory is whether complex systems can be traced to prior causes (reductive) or whether they are spontaneous (emergent). We will explore these topics in future posts, so stay tuned!

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