Dedicated Vehicle Mounts

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A BIG Gas Powered Quadcopter

Peter McCloudPeter McCloud 11/02/2018 at 21:280 Comments

With a full set of #EVPR: Electric Variable Pitch Rotors completed, the next round of testing is getting close. One item on the to-do list to get ready is having dedicated vehicle mounts. In the past the vehicle was suspended by a loop of rope around the structural frame. Below is the previous setup.

The issues is that the loops tend to move around, and when the ropes go slack, the rope ends can hit the rotors.

With a brand new set of rotors, it'd be nice to keep them in good condition. So dedicated vehicle mounts were added.

The mount is 1" wide and is the same thickness used on the gussets. The black material is a non-slip drawer liner material, to keep the parts from chafing.  No more movement of the mounts and no more impact issues with the rotors.