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A project log for Goliath - A Gas Powered Quadcopter

A BIG Gas Powered Quadcopter

Peter McCloudPeter McCloud 09/03/2016 at 20:440 Comments

Work has continued on the Mk II vehicle and it's nearly complete. The latest work has been attaching the idler pulleys, tensioners and the battery.

The ilder pulleys were mounted to same 1/8" plate used for the engine mounting plate. Aluminum angle was riveted around the edges and the plates were bolted to the frame.

Below, the two idler pulleys for the single sided belt are attached.

The center idler for the double sided belt required a different approach. The upper attachment was already part of the engine mounting plate. The lower attachment was made from a smaller piece of plate and riveted to two cross members that were added to the frame. Below is a shot looking at the underside of the frame where the cross members were added.

The other idler for the double sided belt was attached using two different methods. On the lower side, the aluminum plate with angle was used and bolted to the frame. For the upper side just a plate was used was bolted to the engine mounting plate, using the same bolts for the engine mount.

With the idler pulleys all attached and the tensioner attachment method decided upon, some additional gussets were added to reinforce the aft end of the vehicle.

With the aft gussets attached, the exhaust pipes could mounted.

Not shown are the flexible mounts scavenged from the original frame.

Next a tray for the battery was created from angle pieces.

A rubber liner was added to the bottom of the tray.

To keep the battery in place an additional piece of angle was bolted in place on top of the battery.
Now all that remains to complete the Mk. II vehicle is to add to the electronics and the fuel tank. With some luck, the vehicle could be complete and running by Labor Day.

Stay tuned...