XATC V0.2 released

A project log for XATC (extreme simple automatic tool changer)

A very simple but cheap solution to change endmill bits on a CNC Machine.

Frank HerrmannFrank Herrmann 09/12/2016 at 11:231 Comment

I'm proud to present my XATC V0.2. Without the expensive gator grips and better support for long endmills.

On the thumbnail for this video you see my improved design of the endmill Holder. The hole in the center has a diameter of 3mm and hold enmill's with 3,.175mm (1/8") Diameter.

Now the summer close to end and i have to speed up my XATC cuz i want build the main project XDisplace. Now i'm proud to have a Zonestar P802N 3d printer and here is my first 3d Design for an endmill holder. This will screw under the carousel to hold the endmill in correct position :)

I plan to make a new video session during next weekend to describe everything about this new design, please check or subscribe my Youtube Channel and you will informed if it happend.


Mike.harter wrote 10/09/2019 at 11:16 point

the file isn’t available on thingiverse anymore (404 error) any chance it is uploaded somewhere else? Really interested in trying this build.

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