New video session about my plan's for XATC

A project log for XATC (extreme simple automatic tool changer)

A very simple but cheap solution to change endmill bits on a CNC Machine.

Frank HerrmannFrank Herrmann 09/22/2016 at 06:580 Comments

New Studio and new Design! :)

I'm just kidding, but please send me ur opinion about this video!

I'm proud to present a new video session about XATC and my plan's for the next weeks. Further i made a small 4x tool change. Please send me your opinion about this video and how can i make something better.

The XATC is not perfect at this time, but close to. I need more tests and then it's perfect. Now i come back to my XDisPlace project and try to mill a complete PCB.

Interview with Sebastian:

XATC @ G+: