With my Ada projects here on hackaday.io and the Make with Ada blog post series
I want to show that this programming language is a good choice even for the
most humble hacker projects (like the solenoid engine).

Why is it a good choice? Because a language that catches your errors early (at
compile time) and allows you to debug quickly will maintain your motivation for
what it important: the project itself. Not counting the features of Ada like
the RTOS embedded in the languages (Ravenscar), OO programming, encapsulation,
modularity, portability, genericity and all those things that makes software
easier to develop and maintain.

Today we (AdaCore) announce the Make with Ada competition, it's an embedded
software project competition on ARM Cortex M or R processors. It's open to
individuals and small teams (up to 4) using the Ada language. This competition
is opportunity for everyone to try Ada and play with it just like I did in my

Since we are on hackaday.io, I have to mention Hackaday Prize. To my knowledge,
the two competitions are compatible, i.e. you can register your Hackaday Prize
entry to Make with Ada competition and vice versa.