• Starting up.

    Alan Kilian05/26/2014 at 23:47 0 comments

    I founded the Twin Cities Robotics Group in 1995 so that two colleagues from Cray Research could learn how to solder and program microcontrollers. 

    After 5 years, the group was going strong meeting once a month at the Science Museum of Minnesota and I wanted more of the community more often.

    So I decided to have a kind of open-house once a week for people to get together and get help on their projects.

    Someone decided to call it Kilian's Robot Shop Of Horrors. I can't remember why.

    My part was to make sure we had a clean organized area to work. That meant that I needed to get the space clean every Friday afternoon before people showed up. I thought it would be unfair to them to make them work in my mess, and as a great side effect, I had to clean up once a week, so I got to work in a much cleaner environment also.