Next public test run, first outdoor mission

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A remote controlled robot transmitting live video streams to your browser.

Norbert HeinzNorbert Heinz 07/09/2016 at 22:450 Comments

The network connection during the first public test run wasn't best and my provider made an upgrade of the servers software, which also caused trouble (and unfortunately still does).

The second attempt will start on Sunday July the 17th at 10:00CEST (UTC+2):

The robot will drive around my home, thus it will become the first outdoor mission and for sure the network won't trouble the mission...

The camera is currently the only sensor of the robot, but that's enough to do science. Just think of the countless studies based on photos from Луноход, Spirit, Opportunity or Curiosity.

Who can take a picture of an "alien life form" (no plants) with the camera eyes of the rover? Don't think that will be an easy job. The rover motors are loud, thus birds will very likely not come close to the vehicle.

Well, I am not living in the jungle (the above picture was taken with the rover camera in a nearby forest), but maybe a cat could come along or watch out for beetles and ants to take an alien shot...

The first submission will get a CentPrize!