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A remote controlled robot transmitting live video streams to your browser.

Norbert HeinzNorbert Heinz 08/11/2016 at 15:150 Comments

I have submitted my world-tour-robot project to the "automation" round of this years HackadayPrize, because with that robot you can trot around the globe without leaving your desk.

R5 is already a winner:

Digi-Key is one of the sponsors of this year's HackadayPrize and they have some extra gifts for all participants. Simply submit your entry and follow the instructions on their page:

That's what I did and my robot project was one of the winners! The gift I received is a MM7150 Motion Module from MICROCHIP. It will give R5 a tilt sensor and hopefully a better directional stability in rough terrain, soon. Would be nice if the magnetometer can be used as compass (all the motors and servos could cause too many interferences).

New interface

I have cleaned the design of my pages, especially that of the control interface:

Now you can see the countdown clock, indicating the time until the next test run starts, in the message window.

Next public test is on Sunday August 14th at 10:00CEST (UTC +2) and at 19:00 UTC+2. Go to the control center to drive R5: