Coming out of hibernation :D

A project log for Dixu

Workshop/lab and "smart home"-prototype.

cspcsp 04/07/2017 at 18:440 Comments

Got some of the insulation (especially in the floor) fitted and some heating added pre-winter.

Otherwise have spent ALOT of time figuring out smart part and communications, had to replace the ethernet cables used for my CANbus (mostly due to being to much of a hassle to deal with)
TP cable 2x2x0.22mm2 for the backbone wiring (one for power and one for CANbus),
and a 3x2x0.14mm2 cable for the "off shoots", again power two for the CANbus back and forth.

Most of the time have been spent on learning the ins and outs of Arduino/Raspberry Pi/CHIP, python/C, linux in general.

Have gotten a long way on my "practical" skills thus far so the "getting into a digital/theoretical" mindset is something new and brings awhole bunch of new challenges :)