3.2nm Resolution Capture/ Holmium Oxide Absorbance Spectrum 0001c

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David H Haffner SrDavid H Haffner Sr 12/30/2017 at 09:590 Comments

UPDATE: 12/30/2017 4:25:AM

Raw data;

Png image of Holmium oxide spectrum;

Raw data both reference spectrum and sample spectrum;

Absorbance %;

Transmission %;

This figure is arrived at by averaging the 5 major peaks wavelength values; 1) 413.39 

2) 447.9 3) 483.4 4) 534.67 5) 640.18 and inserting them into this equation; 

1 X slit width X ln/mm (diffraction grating) = spectral band width

R = wavelength / spectral bandwidth

= Resolution

So, we work this equation for each of our peak wavelengths and average it out to get our spectral resolution.


1st peak; 413.39nm

1 X .10 X 1540 = 154

R = 413.39/ 154 =2.68

R = 2.68nm

We do this for the rest of our peaks and then average them out to get our final result 

R = 3.2nm