Quantity   Component name
1 × TOTAL COST RANGES FROM $400 TO 900 Depending on how DIY you go!
1 × Grasshoppers FREE - As many as you can catch!
1 × iPad ~$400 or if already have - As screen for visual stimuli and recording and visualizing spikes, in a cumulative SpikeRecorder app
1 × Microscope $200 or ask around or use a phone app! - 20X magnification is sufficient; For surgery on grasshopper and electrode placement
1 × Magnetic stirrer $100 or be creative! -To heat, melt and mix the wax and rosin mixture
1 × RadioShack mini speaker/amplifier $15 - To hear the spikes when the grasshopper sees the balls being thrown at it
1 × Backyard Brains Neuron SpikerBox $100 or DIY - A bioamplifier that allows us to hear and see spikes in living neurons; has cork board piece on top for mounting animal
1 × Backyard Brains Micromanipulator $100 or DIY - For precise placement of electrodes
1 × 1-Channel Electrodes: Reference and Recording included with manipulator or DIY - Hook electrode around neck connective of grasshopper and reference electrode in abdomen, both connected to SpikerBox
1 × Painter's Tape $2 - To restrain grasshopper and tape it down to corkboard piece on the SpikerBox
1 × Thread $2 - To pull grasshopper's neck up to expose neck where recording electrode is placed
1 × Wax and violin rosin mixture $6 - Heated to be mixed together; for placing on thread around grasshopper's neck to keep it in place