Log #3

A project log for The Amazing Electric Fish Detector

Build an inexpensive probe that can monitor and record electric signals generated by weak electric fish remotely .

nobodynobody 07/08/2016 at 15:140 Comments

We have decided to leave out a sleep mode due to only having inbetween 10-16% of processing time before our sample rate drops below 100 kHz/second. The reason we chose 100 kHz/second is because these electric fish can produce signals up to 50us.

We have implemented a waterproof enclosure that has the Arduino Zero, and the Amplification circuit.

For the enclosure, we used a 4" PVC pipe with a cap on one side where the antenna is and a screw off cap on top to have easy access to the circuits. On one end of the PVC it is weighted to keep our probe upright in the water.