2017 Update

A project log for CodeGeek

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lbattaglioli2000lbattaglioli2000 07/29/2017 at 06:020 Comments

Creating a course is not easy.

There is a lot of work that has to go into it. CodeGeek aims for perfection. 

A few years back, Apple made a really great video for their developers conference describing their design and development process and I want to share that video with you right now.

Like Apple, we strive to produce a perfect product and we won't stop until we've perfected it. Whilst developing the content and curriculum for our Python course, we started from scratch three times because the flow of the content didn't meet our exceptionally high standards.

In the video, the designers at Apple ponder what they want people to feel. Excitement, joy, connection, and love. All of these are foundational emotions that we must also tap into. We want our students to be connected with one another, and we want our community of teachers to be connected to one another. We want to bring the excitement out of people by giving them the power to build cool stuff, We want them to be excited about learning code, because it really is exciting!

There is a lot to consider when designing something. "There are a thousand no's for every yes." 

We are excited to launch, however we're far from ready. We're busy perfecting every aspect of our product. And that takes time.

So, we simply ask, for time.