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A project log for Motorcycle Rear Vision Helmet Mounted Display

Motorcycle helmet mounted display to provide live video feed of rear view.

David CondreyDavid Condrey 06/22/2016 at 11:020 Comments

I acquired all the parts I need and mounted the rearview camera to the undertail of my bike earlier today. Wireless transmitter appears to be turned on. I spliced into the taillight power and the transmitter is also powering the camera.

I will need to move the placement of the transmitter because I put it under the seat in a bad location that didn;t fit when I tried to put the seat back on. :/


Wired together the monitor and receiver. They both are getting power and turned on when tested.

I still need to sync the tx/rx and test that i actually get a video feed. And then mount the receiving side of things into my helmet. I hope it all fits.