Project on hold until I find electrical engineer :/

A project log for Motorcycle Rear Vision Helmet Mounted Display

Motorcycle helmet mounted display to provide live video feed of rear view.

David CondreyDavid Condrey 11/08/2016 at 05:280 Comments

I've hashed this out pretty well and have been able to find sources for all the components I need but I lack the technical knowledge to do the necessary electrical work and I also had to sell my motorcycle a few weeks ago because I was out of work for a bit and short on $.

I just got a new job though and will eventually get another motorcycle. But for now, due to these reasons, I've lost motivation in this project for now.

I was hoping to find someone interested in this project and with the technical skill that would like to help me move this forward so if that someone happens to come around and would like to pick this back up with me please get ahold of me and I'd be happy to get back on this. Contact me at If I don't respond, email me again because I probably didn't see your msg.