Connecting the laser to the Spikerbox

A project log for The Dragonfly: Nature's Guided Missile

Examining the neural activity of dragonfly predatory behavior to discover the mechanics of its highly accurate prey capture

Patricia AguiarPatricia Aguiar 06/29/2016 at 03:320 Comments

From previous neural recordings, I have data of the spikes of the TSDNs. However, I had yet to find a way to record the onset of the stimulus (turning on the laser) so that I could correlate it to the spikes. In order to both simultaneously record the event of the laser turning on and the neural recording of the daringly TSDN, I exchanged my neuron Spikerbox for a Muscle Spikerbox Pro, which allows me two channels (later I would find that I didn't even need the second).

Basic schematic for how this will be accomplished:

This allows me to simultaneously record whether the laser is on and record from the neuron of the dragonfly.

Here are some more pictures of how I accomplished this:

Below is a video of the final result:

The red lines on the laptop screen represent the laser turning on. I do not yet have an event marking the laser turning off-- maybe that's the next step! Also, the white recording on the laptop screen is the recording from the electrodes (which will be recording from the dragonfly neuron.)