Laser set-up: version 3

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Examining the neural activity of dragonfly predatory behavior to discover the mechanics of its highly accurate prey capture

Patricia AguiarPatricia Aguiar 07/11/2016 at 03:210 Comments

Given the previous problems, I then started on a new set-up hopeing to 1) solve the curvature of the beam problem 2) make a more stable, cleaner set-up.

The final result:

What I did:

I cut wood to use for a stand, and used an acrylic sheet for a base. I made the Y servo mirror much longer horizontally so that the Y servo would reflect a wider range of movement fro the X servo. I met one of my goals, to create a more stable, cleaner set-up. However, I still found that there was some curvature of the laser beam. I am afraid that that might be unavoidable, but also could be easy to work around using code.