BEWARE of Quartus JTAG Programmer on Linux

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Martin CejpMartin Cejp 04/29/2018 at 08:091 Comment

If you plug in your eBay "Altera USB Blaster" and try to talk to you device, chances are you get an error such as this: 

/opt/intelFPGA_lite/17.1/quartus/bin> ./jtagconfig -d
1) USB-Blaster [2-2]
  Unable to read device chain - JTAG chain broken

  Captured DR after reset = ()
  Captured IR after reset = ()
  Captured Bypass after reset = ()
  Captured Bypass chain = ()
  JTAG clock speed 6 MHz

This would usually indicate that something is wrong with your board, the power, the FPGA, or perhaps the programming cable. Don't despair!

There is a known issue which is still present in the latest versions of Quartus. It has to do with a library called libudev. It is easy to find solutions for various distros, but I haven't seen one specifically for Fedora (27). In my case, what worked was:

ln -s /lib64/ /lib64/

Now the board is detected and can be programmed.

What have I learned? If you can't 1-800-JTAG to your board, check with a known-good board to quickly find issues on the PC side.

Discussions wrote 06/15/2019 at 06:55 point

Thanks that worked for me!  I was going nuts.

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