New boards are in

A project log for Endbots DESC (Dual RC ESC)

Suitable for robots up to 3lb, with integrated DSM2 reciever

EndbotsEndbots 07/18/2016 at 18:290 Comments

I got my new boards in and they look pretty good except for one glaring error. I accidentally included the via's in the soldermask layer so there is a bunch of exposed copper on the top and bottom of the board. I think it will still be okay but I ordered a soldermask pen so I can cover it up before I populate the board.

I am also still waiting on a couple of components and the solder paste stencil. I already fixed the file and once I complete another round of testing I will be ordering what I hope to be the final board revision before my production version.

I plan on doing some destructive testing with these boards to see exactly how much abuse they can take and what kills them. look forward to some interesting videos from us soon.