Calibration Routine

A project log for Endbots DESC (Dual RC ESC)

Suitable for robots up to 3lb, with integrated DSM2 reciever

EndbotsEndbots 07/20/2016 at 22:510 Comments

Now that I have the hardware finalized I am focusing my effort on improving the software.

I am able to interpret signals from the receiver and move the motors however my calibration routine is somewhat lacking. Right now I have it saving the highest and lowest values of each channel as you rotate the stick around. This means that when you first turn on the unit the motors move unpredictably. I am working on a subroutine to store these values into the EEPROM and load them each time the unit powers on. I am going to finish writing my calibration mode so that when a set of pads is shorted the led will blink and record the highest and the lowest values for each channel (you spin the stick in a circle) then when you short the pin again it will record these values into the EEPROM memory.

Once this is done the boards will be ready for testing. I plan on using these in my robots for CIRC 2016 which will be held August 13th my robot "Death by 1001 Cuts" is already registered I may be bringing another robot that will also use my motor drivers if I get it finished in time.

If you happen to be in southern Illinois you should come check it out.