This kit is fairly popular, here is an introductory link:

The kit I got included:

  • small controller board
  • a handle with a PCB-contraption which holds the tip piece. I had to put this together myself, but you can get it ready-made
  • handle cable; connector; wires and led.

Separately, I got a 24V 4A (actually, "4A to 6A" as they are being advertised) power supply board and a cheap iron-made stand for the handle which became the lid of the box.

You can easily source all parts from or The kit can be found for as low as $10, PSU - $8, and another $3 or $4 for the stand.

M4 Nylon bolt/nut/spacer are used to mount the PSU, a small magnet keeps the iron stand in place. The laser-cut pieces interlock. I didn't add a power switch, but you should. (And I will, some time soon). A fuse may also come in handy.

Links to the items used, for reference and with no affiliation:

I found this project on thingiverse for a 3D-printed case, where I stole some dimensions from:

While documenting the project, this also came up.

If you want to build this, note:

  • I made some modifications to the drawings, so yours should be nicer than mine
  • Make sure you compensate for the laser cut width. Dimensions in the drawing here are for the finished pieces. Test to see what offset gives you the best fit.

If, by any chance you are near Sofia, Bulgaria, I recommend visiting SmartFabLab or joining one of their courses, where they taught me how to cut this out myself. Or just go tell them you need one cut out, that works too :)