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A project log for BunnyBot

BunnyBot is a ROS based robot platform that can perform useful tasks using its built in gripper and vision system.

jack-qiaoJack Qiao 08/20/2016 at 07:090 Comments

The project is still in progress, but at this stage I think I will upload the code and design files for the robot.

I've named the robot "bunnybot", as a reference to the turtlebot with which it shares many hardware similarities.

The custom code I've written for the robot is now compiled in one repo:

key takeaways from this version of the robot:

- too short. I still have to bend over to interact with it when giving it objects. I think 2 feet would be a better height.

- object sensing. Without feedback on whether a grasp was successful sometimes it grabs air and assumes all is well

- tilting head. The narrow field of view of the camera means that the fiducials have to be at specific heights. If the camera was tiltable we'd be able to place the fiducials in the entire vertical range of the gripper.