Quantity   Component name
1 × Raspberry Pi 2 The sytem
1 × Adafruit DC & Stepper Motor HAT for Raspberry Pi - Mini Kit The HAT
1 × Adafruit Female DC Power adapter - 2.1mm jack to screw terminal block
1 × DC 12V 0.07A 3.5RPM High Torque Gear Box Electric Motor 37mm The Motor
1 × uxcell 37mm DC Geared Motor Mounting Bracket Holder + 6mm Hex Coupling
1 × iCreatin [UL FCC listed] 12V DC 1A(1000MA) Wall Switch Power Supply Adapter 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug
1 × Zevro KCH-06138 Indispensable SmartSpace Wall-Mounted 13-Ounce Dry-Food Dispenser This holds the dog food