Alpha complete!

A project log for Meteor Hunter

Using networked cameras, track meteors to discover landing zones and originating orbits.

Natty BumppoNatty Bumppo 01/27/2017 at 07:190 Comments

After a few months hiatus, I've resumed work. The project is now (essentially) alpha complete. This means that it can detect meteors, save those detections to a server, collect different meteor events, sort them into coincident events, and triangulate their position. Great news!

Despite there being other software out there capable of doing what I'm setting up here, I've decided to go forward with design.

There's still lots of work that needs to be done however. Multi frame tracking isn't done (we take an average of all event frames), so we haven't calculated landing trajectories or entry orbits. There's still no proper local server for setup and remote server for processing. Also the config needs to be moved from an .ini file to a sqllite database to facilitate setup and configuration. Also there's very little in the way of false positive management. Nothing to account for airplanes or sattelites.