The box hits Silicon Valley

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COW = (California, Oregon, Washington).

nick-sayerNick Sayer 07/16/2016 at 00:261 Comment

The box arrived here today.

Here are some pictures of the content:

Some SMD resistors and caps... and an... antenna?

Ooh. A very nice project box. I'm going to make off with that. I am betting I can make it into something cool.

I also am going to take a couple of those. They look very useful as GPIO references for R-Pi GPIOs.

My, those are big diodes.

Intriguing. I've seen lots of boxes that go the other way...


The box within a box. This was full of all sorts of very useful boards. I took an ISP programmer that was in a very cool looking aluminum USB case. I have to investigate that.

And a note.

My additions: Three GPS Disciplined oscillators, plus some bare boards for some more and for an FE-580A GPS discipline module. Also, a couple of Pi Powers - perhaps for the two R-Pis I found in the box. There's a "divide by 3" clock circuit - feed it 9 MHz and get out 3 MHz. I'm also including two USB µISPs - my favorite AVR programmer (but I'm understandably biased). Also, a panel of crazy clock boards that gave me some trouble with programming. Fix 'em or part 'em. Same with a FTDI-be-gone board that wouldn't come up.

And this is a mostly full panel of crazy clock boards, and an unpopulated panel of AD8495 breakout boards.

Not pictured is a µSD-to-USB adapter, an old Apple laptop power supply and a Nike smart shoe to iOS-30-pin dongle.

The box will go to its next destination in tomorrow's outgoing mail.


Jeremy g. wrote 07/16/2016 at 04:04 point

awsome update, thank you!

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