SIGHT: For the Blind

Simply, Sight is a smart glass for blinds. By using Sight, a person can able to know what is going on in front of him.

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Ever thought how is the life of a blind person, Their life is full of risk. They can't even walk alone through a busy street or through a park. They shall need some assistance from others. They are also curious about the beauty of the world, they should have will be the excitement to explore the world, and to be aware of what is happening in front of them. Even though they can find their own things without anyone's need. So,How we solve this?

Introducing Sight!

Simply, Sight is a smart glass for blinds. By using Sight, a person can able to know what is going on in front of him.

How Sight Works:-

Sight is developed with a raspberry pi 3 and Google android things.

Sight does have three main parts, a raspberry pi 3 (powered by android things), camera and a button. When the person press the button on the Sight, The Sight will take a picture and analyze the image using tensor flow and detect what is that picture is about, then using a speaker or headphone, the Sight will voice assist the person about that picture.

This is how sight works!

How you can make a Sight yourself!

Its easy, Just follow the steps below to make one yourself!


Fusion360 Design File.

f3d - 1.76 MB - 04/08/2018 at 14:25


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    Materials Needed

    Here are the components and materials that you needed to do this project. Take your time and collect everything!

    Main Components:

    • Raspberry Pi 3
    • Raspberry Pi Camera Module(5 Mp)
    • Micro Push Button
    • 1K Resistor
    • General Purpose PCB


    • Soldering iron
    • soldering Lead


    • Android Things
    • Android Studio
    • Tensor Flow
    • Fire Base
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    Installing Android Things On Raspberry Pi

    First thing first,

    Go to the android things webpage Here and then click on CONSOLE menu on the top bar of the web page.

    You should sign in first, Sign in with any of your google account.

    • Click on the CREATE A PRODUCT button.
    • You should get a popup window,!
    • Enter your product name in the product name field.
    • Select Raspberry Pi 3 from the SOM type.
    • Leave the OEM partition size field as default.
    • Give some description about your product in the description field.

    Hit the Create Button

    It will take you to a new page. From the new page, Select the FACTORY IMAGES from the menu bar on the top.

    Scroll down little bit, and click on the CREATE BUILD CONFIGURATION button.

    after clicking the button a new Build Configuration List field will visible below the button. just download the build from Build Configuration List.

    A zip file will start to download, Wait until the download is complete.

    After download is completed. Unzip the file using 7zip or winrar. Wait until the extraction is complete (probably it should take only 1 to 2 minutes).

    After extracting the file you will get a .img file(this is the android thing OS for your Raspberry Pi)

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    Burning Android Things To SD card (Flashing)

    Now you need to burn this img file into your micro SD card of the raspberry pi

    We are using Etcher (Etcher is an open source project by

    Connect SD card to Computer via a SD card Reader and open Etcher.

    Select image and select SD Card and hit Flash. Wait for it. After the Flash, unplug the SD Card Reader and insert it into our Raspberry Pi 3.

    Connect Raspberry Pi 3 to a Ethernet via RJ 45 cable and power it up with 5v adapter.

    Now here our Local IP is

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