nRF dongle brought to life with a pogo-pin adapter

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A simpler, more efficient alternative to Z-x, BL-x, Thread, standard RF protocols

wassimWassim 05/15/2018 at 21:230 Comments

The pogo-pin adapter is successful

The used pogo-pins, not ideal, very thin, but all I got at the moment, can't wait.

during the testing all possible mistakes were obviously performed :

Photos of the scene

Lack of helping hands and preliminary design not possible to put a holder on top or clip it to the DUT, anyway, at least the pogo-pins are matching.

It was very hard to get tiny holes on the 3d print, I had to set them much bigger around 1.3 mm diameter to get something where the 065 mm could pass, but not adjusted so had to set some glue.

Two first attempt failed because of holes diameter, then I abandoned the idea of having a ceiling holding the pins, after all some glue did the trick.

This nRF52 board will become the official dongle for the nRF52 Mesh project, given its cost and compacity, it makes it an ideal candidate.

I also figured out before flashing my own application that it had a bootloader, so I should probably start testing and using the serial bootloader to avoid mounting and dismounting every time. As this is already a serial USB adapter this concept fits perfectly.