Aqara and Eurotronics hand in hand to save energy

A project log for nRF5 Custom Mesh Network

A simpler, more efficient alternative to Z-x, BL-x, Thread, standard RF protocols

wassimWassim 09/14/2019 at 10:440 Comments

and make life more convenient for users. In this home automation section, aqara window contact sensors are used to send a window open alert to the Eurotronic thermostat, once the alert is disabled, the thermostat resumes the previously set temperature.

The Spriit (google "eurotronic thermostat zigbee" ) has the spirit of devices compatibility introducing a zigbee product, which support is added by the zigbee2mqtt community.

In this code section below, multiple windows contacts ("apertures") are aggregated and a notification is sent when the state changes, the full code is available here.

Down below, the "friendly names" used to filter the mqtt traffic coming from "zig/friendly name". Note that the code does mention sensor names and not ids, thus a better readability.

As conclusion, it is very challenging to program such an aggregation function using graphical tools such as nodered or any other high level automation language. Python is at the same time simple and powerful to allow such configurations.