• How the driving feature works

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    The driving feature uses sensors on the left and right of the car to tell it how far it is from the side walls. It turns left and right depending on how far it is from the sides. If it is closer to the left wall it will turn right and vise versa. In the video it may seem if the car is very wobbly, but that is because I'm limited by how fast the processor is and the speed the wheels can turn. In the future it could be much smoother.

  • Videos of Prototype

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  • New feature: Driving

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    Since there was only 2 features, it felt like the system was a little limited. I programmed a new feature called driving to add to the car. The feature allows for the car to navigate through pathways it has never been through before. Hopefully in the future I can add more features. If you have any ideas for future features, I would really like to hear them.

  • How the algorithms work

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    Parallel parking: The system will use the sensors around the car to tell the motors how to move so it can move into the parking spot

    Collision Avoidance: The system uses the front infrared sensor to continually search for objects in the front. f it finds one it stops the car.