Quantity   Component name
1 × Plywood, 1 4x8 3/4 sheet One per cabinet. 4x8 3/4 plywood sheet, I used cabinet grade Approx $50, You can use lower cost wood if you like.
1 × 4x8 plywood 1/4 sheet. One per cabinet. 4x8 plywood 1/4 sheet Sanded on one side Approx $15.
1 × Screws 1 1/2 inch long (box of 50 is enough) per cabinet I used futurature grade black screws but any wood screws will work. should be 1 1/2 long
1 × Paint and/or Stain to meet you decor. I used black interior latex paint for the cabinet and stained the shelves.
1 × Tools, Screwdriver, saw, tape measure and square. I used a circular saw for the few cuts I needed, cordless screw driver to drive in the screws but hand tools would work.