First Fail

A project log for DWM1000 Cat Tracker

Using the DWM1000s amazing ability to pinpoint tags to within 10cm we will track the cats positions in the house with amazing precision.

dryerziniaDrYerzinia 06/28/2016 at 02:380 Comments

So its always nice to start off a project with a nice fat failure. It would have only taken 10 minutes to compile the DWM1000 library for the pic I chose to see if it would fit in its program memory and of course I waited until after I made the board to see if the code would fit.

Fortunately didn't populate the expensive hard to desolderer radio module yet but I had to look in my micro-controller drawer to see what else I had.

I was a in a bit of a hurry for this design because my sister was going to China for 2 weeks and I was trying to get the trackers made in just a couple of days so she could see where in the house the cats where on her phone.

Anyway after looking through what I had on hand a ATSAMD20 seemed appropriate for the next attempt.