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A project log for DWM1000 Cat Tracker

Using the DWM1000s amazing ability to pinpoint tags to within 10cm we will track the cats positions in the house with amazing precision.

dryerziniaDrYerzinia 01/09/2017 at 01:030 Comments

This version of the project is coming to a close, after doing some power optimization and final stability testing I will be moving on to trying to use the AT86RF233 to do the ranging. Its cheaper, lower frequency, and has considerably lower RX current consumption. In a separate project I will be seeing how that works out, if its performance isn't as good as I like I may come back to the DW1000 chips.

I have a design right now that I'm hoping will last more than a year on at 10mm lithium coincell. It primarily saves power by using a vibration sensor so it only updates the cats position every 30 minuets or when they are moving. I'm also considering sending an "I'M HERE!" TX burst every 2 minutes for fast out of range alerts. Its smaller than the buckle on my cats collars. I'm calling it the YoctoTrack. Hopefully will have a project page up for it soon. The blue ring in the layout is 10mm in diameter. The whole board is smaller than a dime.

I have linked a repository with all the code and schematics if anyone wants to replicate my design or needs a reference to work off. There will be further posts detailing how to build/program/setup the server for this project. But the rest is really just a clean up and instructions, no new designs.