• It's a tool.

    Jeremy g.07/07/2016 at 07:37 0 comments

    The 328 buddy is a bread boarded tool, allowing you to quickly breadboard a 328. Just snap the backpack over the 328 and your done.

    Has an extra 32Kb EEPROM, and the required 4.7k pull ups on board, 16Mhz crystal, a reset switch, blink led, power led ICSP/Debug port and serial breakout.

    I designed this a long time ago but never got around to actually building it. I'll release the schematic's etc soon.

    Can also be found on my pcbs.io page, as well as my Tindie store. Feel free to build them yourself. They are on my Tindie store if you don't want to spend the time building one and don't mind throwing me a few bones :)

    Stay happy, stay healthy, and keep hackin.