Measuring the distance between two modules

A project log for DWM1001 Breakout Board

This project is just building a breakout board for the DWM1001 module doing simple ranging with the device.

ehunckehunck 01/27/2019 at 04:290 Comments

To figure out how to properly configure these devices, I used the DecaWave Android application.  I powered both devices and connected to them with the app.  I linked them both to the same network and configured one as an anchor and one as a tag.

I connected to the each device and ran the function 'nmg' to get the node mode that the device had been configure to. 

For the anchor I got the following:

dwm> nmg
mode: ani (act,-,-)

For the Tag I got the following:

dwm> nmg
mode: tn (act,twr,np,le)

At this point I turned off the Android application.  I sent the command 'lec' to the  Tag to get the measurement and distance as in CSV.

This returns the distance between the two devices.


My next goal is to reset both devices and use purely the shell commands to properly configure the devices for measurement.  I also want to look into the using TLV protocol for setting these devices up using a microcontroller.