Features Metric (0.5mm) and imperial (1/20" and 1/16") graduations.

  • common SMD footprints,
  • power ratings and Rth for common power packages,
  • wire and PCB trace sizes with current carrying capacity,
  • drill sizes - placed near edge, so that component leads can be trial fitted,
  • AWG wire gauge, current capacity and other data,
  • silk text sizes,
  • unit conversion values,
  • LED forward voltage drops for various colors,
  • pitch gauge for 0.55, 0.65, 0.8 and 0.95 mm

What else would you like to see on a PCB Reference ruler?

Gold ENIG finish with black solder mask ... should look smart! Can't wait to see them, I have just sent to board house for a first prototype run. I will post photos when I can.

The circuit maker project is here.

Comments appreciated.