the countdown ...7, then 6...

A project log for Cool replacement for nixie tubes

Using microLEDs and clear PETG filament, I have discoverd how to replicate a nixie tube, and the effect is super, cheap and reproducable.

davidreiddavid.reid 04/13/2018 at 07:060 Comments

OK so my 7 worked... now to add a second digit, and see if the effect is OK or the project is a bust.

So I made a 6 - but this time freehand, just to see if it was possible.

Then I stuck it to the back of the 7 and lit it up.

Again, the lighter bit at the bottom is only there in the photo - the 6 lights up, but the very top bit is not as bright as I want.

I think my next try will be using the mould and bring the ending leg of the 6 back to the bottom and use a second LED.

If I don't sand the vertical return bit, then it will not emit light - and so appear to be invisible.

So far, it is looking good,