Building a Control Interface

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Spectrophotometer design with a sensitive detector, bright light source and a sample holder. Easily and inexpensively built.

doctekdoctek 07/22/2016 at 22:060 Comments

Now that the basic hardware is working, I need to be able to collect and analyze data. While I considered using a graphics panel, and may yet do that, there are a lot of unknowns to sort out first. Seems that collecting the data with my lap top will be the most flexible way to do that.

To that end, I'm developing a UI using Py-QT and pyserial. I considered using Processing because of its easy multi-platform capability, but python should fill the same role and has better tools for designing the interface. This effort will take a few weeks, I expect.

Once I can easily capture and display data, I'll develop a calibration routine and evaluate the angular motion needed to sweep the spectrum appropriately.