The Lightning and Thunder Arrives

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Retrofuturistic media player and internet radio

Blaine MurphyBlaine Murphy 12/18/2016 at 02:240 Comments

Back in July I ordered power and audio components from Amazon. While taking pictures for another log I decided to post some pictures of goodies I received.

The original driver in the radio is a bit rusted up and has a busted cone, so I'm replacing it with modern car audio drivers. Two 4x6 Pioneer TSG4645R speakers will fill the left and right sides of the hole left by the original driver. A DROK TPA 3116 amplifier (far right) will recieve input from a Raspberry Pi and drive the new speakers. Also pictured is wire that came with the new drivers and a 3.5mm audio jumper.

A DMiotech 24V DC power supply (top right) will accept mains power and provide power to the audio amplifier and Icstation DC to DC 5V USB buck converter (bottom right) that will power the Raspberry Pi. Also pictured is an AC power cable, an AC socket, A USB micro B cable, and some terminal strips