Captains log stardate 20180412, first entry

A project log for JAW.HA ESPThingy

A set of boiler plate projects targeted at ESP based devices to get them online with the JAW.HA network

James WynhoffJames Wynhoff 04/12/2018 at 19:410 Comments

The boilerplate is just about ready, Ill be uploading code here shortly if anyone wants to play with it.

So far it.....

restores ssid / password from eeprom on boot

Connects to a saved AP

if it fails it goes into softAP mode for 5 minutes, before retrying

softAP uses a captive portal to let you configure the wifi

uses the mac of the ESP to generate its JAW.HA ID

supports firmware update from the arduino IDE (and soon an independent firmware updater)

advertises its presence via mDNS

advertises its presence via JAW.HA Admin port

Next is the application code framework!