Get the objective lens from Laser Light pen etc

A project log for DIY Mobile Microscope

Making an mobile microscope using smartphone, laser light lens, evive and some 3 D printed parts.

evive toolkitevive toolkit 08/24/2016 at 05:430 Comments

Once you have all the parts and components ready, its time to assemble them together. Go through the following images of assembly.

Most of the commonly available laser light key-rings like this have a small lens in it. For getting the lens, open the lid and carefully take out the lens. This lens will be our objective lens.

Note: In case the lens is not fitting in the grove made in phone holder, use some adhesive to stick it on edges. Be very patient while gluing as it requires very attention to avoid any spilling on top/bottom side of lens.

evive is powered with a 9V DC battery or any suitable power source. Then we have powered the LED using the variable power output feature of evive. Adjusting the intensityof incoming light in smartphone camera is important to record good videos or take nice pictures.