Adjusting the brightness of Power LED

A project log for DIY Mobile Microscope

Making an mobile microscope using smartphone, laser light lens, evive and some 3 D printed parts.

evive toolkitevive toolkit 08/24/2016 at 05:440 Comments

The use of evive was to control the intensity/brightness of power LED. evive's power module has a variable voltage power output (buck) ranging from 1.25V to 30V. We used a 12V (or a 9V) battery to power the LED, but when you place it in front of your mobile camera via the "subject" on a glass slide, you need to adjust the "incoming light". We have adjusted the voltage across the LED using evive.

(Mobile camera also has inbuilt light intensity/exposure adjustment, but the main use was to control the light on the subject for eg. some insect/worms may be very dark while other can be translucent (like wing of a fly) )