Connecting the Modules

A project log for HydroBot

HydroBot is a modular control system for automating hydroponic gardens.

matthewreedmatthewreed 02/06/2017 at 00:000 Comments

HydroHub is a HydroBot module designed to connect together HydroBot modules in a star topology. The hub provides power and CAN connectivity to a total of eight channels. It has a DC barrel jack for connecting an external power supply, as well as selectable termination for the CAN bus.

HydroHub Features:

JST-PA Series Connectors

This design introduces the switch to JST-PA series connectors for HydroBot modules. These connectors, although somewhat bigger and more expensive than the JST-ZH connectors used previously, will allow for lower gauge wiring and much higher currents than before. The new connectors support 22-28 gauge wiring and up to 3A per pin. All new module designs going forward will use JST-PA connectors and existing modules will be updated as part of the next revision cycle. The first module that has been updated to include the new connectors is the AirSense module, which has also added a light sensing feature. Other HydroHub features to note include a constant current driver for the power indication LED to keep brightness consistent over the entire input voltage range, and a CAN bus termination resistor that can be selected using a simple jumper to accommodate the needs of various network topologies.

All source can be found in the HydroBot repository. The BOM and generated gerber files are also included for easy replication.