Wireless Nodes : Battery powered intelligent subunits

A project log for SEELablet : Instrument Cluster For Laboratories

Minimal, yet powerful combination of control and measurement tools integrated with an SBC running Python based UIs for science & Engg. Expts

JithinJithin 09/05/2016 at 12:380 Comments

Wireless subunits use a PIC16F18345 along with an NRF24L01P transceiver, a rechargeable Li-ion coin cell, charging circuitry, and a neopixel.

Its features include:

- Unique 3-byte address

- 10 bit ADC. Capture mode

- Battery Level monitoring

- Automatic detection

- 2Hz to 8MHz frequency counter. 1% accuracy

- I2C bus . Integrated with sensor communication classes

- SPI bus

- 5-bit DAC

- Up to 10 WS2812B RGB LEDs in daisy chained form

- Broadcast mode to simultaneously address multiple nodes

Prototype #1

Prototype #2