Electronics 101 : screenshots

A project log for SEELablet : Instrument Cluster For Laboratories

Minimal, yet powerful combination of control and measurement tools integrated with an SBC running Python based UIs for science & Engg. Expts

JithinJithin 10/02/2016 at 07:530 Comments



Amplitude modulation

Astable Multivibrator circuit

Bode plots

Capacitance measurement

Capacitor Discharge

Experiment Designer

Diode Clamping

Diode Clipping

combination clipping

series clipping

Diode IV characteristics

simple diode study

Sound FFT

Piezo buzzer response

Fullwave rectifier

Distance Measurement

Inverting Op-Amp

LDR speed

Monostable multivibrator

Multiple Feedback filter

NJFET characteristics

Summing Junction