My original design for a simple frequency divider circuit was based on three 7473 Dual J-K flip flop chips. But now I've discovered that a single 4024 7-stage binary ripple counter IC - a bunch of Toggle flip-flops in series - will do the same job. Without all the messy wiring. So I'll source a 4024 and save the 7473's for another task. Fortunately, I only soldered in some IC sockets so I won't have to discard much work.

The seven stages of the 4024 will divide the frequency of input signal by factor 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128. This provides a wide range of "clock ticks" to drive sequencers, trigger envelopes etc. The module can also be used to generate square wave sub-oscillator sounds if the input signal lies in the audible range.

This module will be used as part of my low budget sequencer